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The TRAVERSE MOBILE APP allows drivers to:

  • View complete information for each of their scheduled runs on their phone or tablet
  • Track flight status in real time
  • Link to live phone numbers for all contacts
  • Reduce radio chatter when drivers update their run status with dispatch with just a click
  • Receive updates on any changes or additions to runs


Vehicle information can be input to create vehicle reports to ensure smooth receiving, distribution and return of vehicles.

This includes storage of rental details, fuel levels, photos of vehicles, and the driver attached to each vehicle. All information feeds into a master report making complicated spreadsheets unnecessary.


GPS adds another layer of transparency and safety to the festival system, ensuring admins know the movements and location of artists at any time and especially during an emergency or severe weather event.


Once the admins schedule driver shifts into the roster, it will feed driver availability into the system for run assignment so that drivers are not accidently scheduled for multiple or overlapping runs or scheduled too early in the morning after a late work shift. The roster also allows admins to view available drivers on a shift so last-minute runs can be quickly assigned.

This streamlines driver management and allows for more efficient use of the drivers' time.


TRAVERSE has unique user profiles that allow security of proprietary information while allowing talent, driver, airport greeter, and car services to see only their individual scheduled transfers for the day.

Administrators have complete access to all scheduled runs. Other festival departments (security, hospitality, A/R, etc.) can also have customized access into the transportation system.

All are available via mobile app ensuring everyone on the go still has their information.


Airport pick-up runs include trackable flight numbers so that talent, airport greeters, and drivers have access to real time flight status on their mobile devices.


Generate a variety of reports such as driver, talent, vehicle, and daily reports. These reports allow all involved in the transportation system to view their individual needs on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Our team of seasoned event professionals will assist you with any software troubleshooting before, during, and after the show. Technical documentation and tech support links are available within the software.