5 Ways To Improve Transportation Flow At Your Event

I’ve watched technology make some amazing advances in my 30 years in the music industry, but none have addressed the complex and often beleaguered world of artist transportation. Our TRAVERSE team has spent countless hours over many months building and meticulously testing a software system that finally brings transportation on par with other music industry technologies.  Here are 5 (of many reasons!) to upgrade to TRAVERSE:

1. Simple Set Up

TRAVERSE has streamlined the complicated task of gathering information from artists and organizing the transportation system without a single spreadsheet or whiteboard in sight! No more spreadsheet version control and formatting. The comprehensive information needed to build artist transfers (band information, drivers, vehicles, locations, etc.) can be built in a matter of a few minutes and clicks and modified just as quickly.

2. Seamless Flow of Information

TRAVERSE ensures that artists and the transportation team are always in sync. Easily build artist needs into the system and deliver artist itineraries that also includes driver and vehicle information. Make a change and it instantly updates the artist, dispatch and driver.  Again, no need for multiple spreadsheets and multiple texts to drivers (hoping that they get it right).

3. Driver Efficiency

No more texting copies of sticky notes to drivers. TRAVERSE’s mobile app allows drivers to view thorough information for each run, track flight status in real time, link to live phone numbers for all contacts, and update their status with dispatch without the need for radio or phone calls.  Any changes or additions to runs are automatically updated to the driver’s mobile app.

4. Transparency

Customized user profiles allow transportation managers to build and work within the system while allowing other users access without sharing proprietary information. For example, the drivers will only see information for the transfers assigned to them; back stage managers will only see the runs that originate and depart from their stage; using the system’s GPS tracking, the security team can track drivers’ locations in the event of emergency situations. The list goes on!

5. Mobile Access

The TRAVERSE system is fully accessible and interactive on all mobile devices. Transportation manager can view, revise, delete runs, send or print reports, update statuses, add users – all from a phone or tablet.  Additionally, users have customized access to run information and lists of artist/driver/airport greeter contact information.

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